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An All-Inclusive Playground Project

A collaboration between Brunswick City Schools and the City of Brunswick, Ohio

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Most parks and playgrounds are designed with able-bodied children in mind. Inclusive playgrounds ensure physical and social inclusion where everyone can play together.

What is an Inclusive Playground?

Inclusive playgrounds provide more than just access to equipment. They encourage play together between children and adults with and without disabilities. Inclusive playgrounds remove barriers for individuals who have limited mobility, sensory needs, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and those with special communication needs.

Inclusive Playground

Why is an Inclusive Playground important?

An inclusive playground helps mold the values of empathy and diversity in our community.

People in our community begin to see the person first and the disability second.

Inclusive play encourages the development of friendships through close proximity and the sharing of a common experience.

The opportunity to interact with individuals with disabilities is set in a natural environment.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Corporate sponsors will be recognized on site. Your organization can donate a set dollar amount or purchase a specific piece of equipment. Contact Leann Alferio for more information.

Leann Alferio
Special Education Coordinator, Brunswick City Schools  |  330-523-8235

Our Corporate Sponsors

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